Which Rental Renovations Make the Most Sense?

We’ve all been there. You’ve read the reviews, poured over the pictures, and picked out your perfect Airbnb or VRBO from a long list of potential vacation rentals- only to arrive at your destination and find your short-term-rented slice of paradise or cozy cabin is in need of a little of TLC. The bathroom needs work, the kitchen is straight out of a 1960 Sears-and-Roebuck catalog, and that you’re pretty [...]

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Vacation Rental Homes Regulated in Beacon

Officials in the city of Beacon are meeting to discuss potential new regulations for Airbnb, FlipKey, and other short-term rental services in the area. Currently, there’s no law in the city that regulates the rentals or what building zones they’re permitted in. The meeting was scheduled after certain residents submitted complaints regarding neighborhoods that had excessive amounts of rentals going on. According to city council, the new law proposes that [...]

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Why Property Owners Should Worry About Liability

Life’s always a little better when you don’t have things to worry about. That’s why we’re loathe to say that if you’re a vacation rental owner who does not have the right kind of coverage, you should be worried. One of the biggest risks a property owner has is liability. And if you’re relying on homeowner’s insurance for your Airbnb or FlipKey property, then you’re likely not covered! What Is [...]

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