Fresh products in the vacation rental industry mean less worrying.

Twenty years ago, dissemination of information required a 56k dial up tone, now it’s done by simply uttering ‘hey Siri’. These leaps in technology have certainly changed our lives, and have also impacted how we interact with our home as well. Passive assistant-listening devices such as the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple Homebot can play music, order products, and answer questions- effectively transforming your house into a smart home. [...]

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Short-Term Rental Insurance Ordinance In Kansas City; New $300,000 Airbnb Commercial Insurance Requirement

Kansas City Requires $300,000 of Commercial Liability Back in February, Kansas City passed an ordinance requiring short-term rentals found on websites such as Airbnb & VRBO to register with the city, and one of the requirements is commercial insurance.  88-321-04-D.  We have seen a recent influx of business in Kasas City as Proper is one of a few carriers offering commercial insurance to short term rental Airbnb properties. Insurance is [...]

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Turn the frown upside down: how to get the most out of vacation rentals in a community.

Vacation rentals tend to draw ire from media outlets for the very real challenges they present to communities. Housing availability, pricing, and ordinance violation are common objections to the growing presence of short term vacation rentals, and for good reason. However, simply banning Airbnb’s and VRBO’s in an attempt to mitigate their impact is akin to plugging a dam with bubblegum, a short term solution that does not address the [...]

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