Short Term Rentals in PA May Require Registration

Legislation requiring registration for short-term rentals in Pennsylvania recently moved forward after House representatives approved of the bill. The law, which was passed heavily in favor of, requires property owners who use Airbnb, FlipKey, and other rentals to register with the state and disclose their identity. Officials say the primary purpose of the law is to ensure taxes are being paid. Opponents of the law claim it is too strict [...]

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Listing Your Home on Airbnb or Other Rental Sites? Read This First

If you’ve been thinking about joining the thousands of other property owners who rent their home or apartment on Airbnb, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately prepared. When it comes to short-term rentals, getting your property listed on sites like Airbnb isn’t difficult. In fact, you can have your home or apartment listed on most booking sites within just a few minutes. But that doesn’t mean you should just [...]

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Las Vegas Nevada Added a $500,000 Liability Insurance Requirement To Airbnb & Vrbo Short-Term Rental Ordinance

With the unprecedented growth of Airbnb & Vrbo, even the brightest spot on earth is regulating and liability insurance seems to be a common theme.  We can't keep track of all the short-term rental ordinances popping up across local governments, but all the ones we find have this same $500,000 liability insurance requirement, why is that?  Here is the Las Vegas Short-Term Rental Ordinance. License Application Requirement, 3.H. ~ [...]

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The Big Three, understanding the short term vacation rental market

When you set out to insure your short term vacation rental, you have a few options. You can insure the property as with a standard home owners policy (which is probably what you currently have), a Landlord policy (built for long-term rentals), or a commercial business policy (like a coffee shop or yoga studio would carry) Lets dive in and take a look at the how these different types of [...]

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