City of Grapevine Votes to Uphold Ban on Short-Term Rental

The city of Grapevine, Texas has voted to ban short term rentals within the city limits. Initially, the intent was to determine if the industry could be regulated, however it was decided in the later moments of the hearing to keep the ban in place. The ban comes in the wake of complaints from both citizens and the local hotel industry. Without a doubt, the complaints fielded against short [...]

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Cedar City Passes Regulations for Short Term Rentals

Joining an ever-growing list of cities seeking to regulate the burgeoning short-term rental market, Cedar City, Utah has passed regulations governing the zones in which rentals are allowed to be operated as well as the types of licenses required. Operators of short-term rentals will be required to have a business license, carry insurance, and pay all requisite taxes. This comes as a pleasant surprise as many cities have either [...]

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