What Is The Cost Of Short-Term Rental Insurance?

First, We Must Understand What Short-Term Rental Insurance Is For the purposes of writing this article and the business we are in, we are defining short-term rental insurance as something for the property owner to purchase, not the guest.  This article is intended to educate property owners on the potential exposure and risk of insuring a short-term rental property, one that would be rented to others on a short-term [...]

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San Antonio Joins Other Cities in Regulating Short-Term Rentals

In early October, the city of San Antonio elected to regulate their burgeoning short-term rental market as a means to address concerns expressed by various parties. The proposed regulations would require that the rental operators pay a registration fee to the city, as well as pay a lodging tax similar to what a hotel operation would be subjected to. This seems to fall in line with measures taken by [...]

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