Avoid Airbnb Insurance Issues by Choosing a Comprehensive Policy

The Airbnb Host Guarantee is a nice little safety net to have, but there are a lot of gaps in this kind of coverage. The Host Guarantee comes with numerous exceptions that make it difficult to receive reimbursement after a claim is filed. Their policy even requires you to contact your primary insurance plan before filing a claim with them! Relying on the built-in insurance that Airbnb offers could land you in hot water if a guest decides to pursue you for damages.

Eliminate Airbnb Insurance Problems with the Proper Coverage Plan

Most commercial liability insurers allow you to customize their plan to fit your needs. But insurance can get a bit confusing. How do you know if you’re choosing the right kind of coverage? Plus, you’ll have to manage both a homeowner’s plan and a commercial insurance plan. Not only is this costly, but time-consuming and complicated. With Proper Insurance®, there’s no guesswork – just one simple plan that is affordable and designed to take care of all your coverage needs. That way, if something happens to your property you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.