Providence, RI requires short-term rentals to operate under set regulations

If you’re a host in Providence, you’ll want to review the short-term rental regulations in the area. Among other guidelines, if your property isn’t also your primary residence, you’re required to secure a “temporary use permit,” lasting a single year. You can apply for the permit through the Department of Inspection and Standards. This and the following requirements took effect on November 30, 2019.  Additional key provisions include: Owner-occupied [...]

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Richmond VA adopts new short-term rental ordinance

A new short-term rental ordinance passed for hosts in Richmond following a meeting on Monday the 22nd. Along with other requirements, the new ordinance requires hosts like yourself to obtain an annual permit ($300) to operate your short-term rental (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.)  The full ordinance is available on the Richmond, VA government website: Ord. 2019-343. The ordinance takes effect on July 1, 2020.  Who can operate a short-term rental: [...]

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Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Broker about Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance

Let’s say you’ve purchased a new home intending to use it primarily on Airbnb and occasionally for personal use. Just starting out, you may think your regular homeowner’s insurance is sufficient since you’ll be living there part-time. This is a common mistake as many hosts, even veteran hosts, do not realize that modifying the use of your property beyond strictly personal use requires some major modifications to your insurance. [...]

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Santa Fe, NM introduces a new short-term rental draft ordinance

A recent draft city ordinance may tighten short-term rental regulations for hosts like yourself in Santa Fe. The City currently requires hosts to register their property as a business and obtain an annual short-term rental permit. If the new draft passes, the following measures will apply:  A new permit would be issued only to a “natural person” rather than a limited liability company or trust.  Each vacation rental owner [...]

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Wilmington, NC short-term rental $500,000 liability insurance requirement

Wilmington, NC currently enforces short-term rental regulations for both whole-house rentals, and “homestays,” (i.e. renting individual bedrooms). The City requires hosts to adhere to the following restrictions and requirements, including proof of $500,000 or greater commercial general liability insurance:  Sec. 18-331.11: “Property owners registering a whole-house lodging are responsible for keeping in full force and effect during all times the unit is used as a whole-house lodging commercial general [...]

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Chicago, IL short-term rental $1,000,000 liability insurance requirement

If you’re a host in Chicago, read on to learn about the regulations affecting local short-term rentals. The City requires hosts like yourself to secure a business license for your short-term rental and undergo property inspections as deemed necessary by the City Building Commissioner. In addition, hosts must maintain fire, hazard, and liability insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 in commercial general liability.  Section 4-13-220: Each licensee engaged in [...]

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How to Pick a Short-Term Rental Property Manager

With travel traffic kicking back into gear, now is a great time to make a game plan for the future of your short-term rental business. As the industry begins to recover, a great way to grow your business and increase bookings is to hire a professional property manager. As they promote your property and handle guest relations, that leaves you with the pleasure of designing your home as a [...]

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Summerville, SC now regulates short-term rentals, Airbnb & Vrbo properties

Summerville, SC introduced first-time regulations for short-term rentals such as Airbnb or Vrbo. Previously, hosts went through an application for bed-and-breakfasts. City officials now agree new regulations are necessary to define short-term rentals as businesses and preserve their neighborhoods amidst the booming industry.  Hosts are required to secure a business license and undergo a property inspection before renting to guests. This is applicable to hosts who operate in downtown [...]

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Safety: The Most Overlooked Aspect of Maintaining a Vacation Rental Property

By Justin Ford Prior to COVID-19, safety was already a growing concern in the short-term vacation rental industry. With exponential growth over the last 20 years, and more professional managers and hosts entering the market, establishing and adhering to a safety protocol that matches government regulation has been both a challenge and a priority for many.  What can you do to ensure your rental is safe for guests? Luckily, [...]

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Will city administrators enforce short-term rental regulations in Fayetteville, AR?

A draft code is under review for short-term rental properties in Fayetteville, AR. The City Administration has postponed sending the draft code to City Council until in-person meetings have resumed. With roughly 500 short-term rentals in the City, the administration hopes all parties involved will agree on the proposed regulations, which include the following: An occupancy cap of two people per bedroom plus an additional two; a maximum of [...]

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