Savannah, GA vacation rental insurance requirement for Airbnb hosts

If you’re a vacation rental host in Savannah you’ll want to review regulations affecting Airbnb properties across the city. Hosts like yourself must apply annually for a short-term rental certificate to operate your Airbnb business, and provide the name, address, telephone number and email address of the 24-hour contact. Additional requirements include the following:  Proof of the owner’s current ownership of the short-term vacation rental unit; For condominiums, hosts [...]

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Hartford, CT enforces regulations on Airbnb and vacation rentals

If you are a host in Hartford, it’s time to review the restrictions on your vacation rental business. The City looked to municipalities across the US to determine appropriate regulations for short-term rentals in their community. Currently, the city requires you to secure a zoning permit which is valid for three years while addressing additional short-term rental concerns with the following restrictions: Before offering short-term rentals, hosts are required [...]

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Pool Safety Standards Every Vacation Rental Host Should Consider

In such a competitive industry, you’re always thinking of ways to separate yourself from the crowd. One of the more obvious ways of doing so is highlighting the many amenities your property has to offer. With summer at its hottest, promoting a pool can certainly set you apart but what you may not think of right away is the risk associated with this particular amenity. Amenities such as a pool [...]

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Dover, DE enforces new regulations on short-term rentals

New regulations in Dover will limit hosts like yourself when it comes to operating your vacation rental business. In a previous ordinance, the City defined short-term rentals as rentals of 30 days or less, however, the new ordinance only allows you to rent your home for a total of 30 days in a calendar year.  Some of the new short-term rental regulations include: Owners must have a short-term rental [...]

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San Mateo County, CA $500,000 short-term rental liability insurance requirement

San Mateo County revisited short-term rental regulations which will affect hosts like yourself in Burlingame among other cities. Requirements include a short-term rental permit for your business and proof of liability insurance at a minimum of $500,000. You must also comply with Transient Occupancy Tax requirements. The county hopes to preserve its traditional neighborhood feeling, and is addressing strategies for accountability which include the following details: Local contact person [...]

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Avoiding Negligence: The Importance of Proper Railings in Your Vacation Rental

Moving into the summer, the short-term rental industry has begun reaping the rewards of pent-up demands for travel and vacations. As you prep for inbound guests there are plenty of safety concerns to consider. Currently, the industry is abuzz with tips on how to ensure a safe stay for your guests with new standards following COVID-19. A sparkling clean home is definitely important, however, we want to focus on [...]

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Ordinance in Palmer, AK affects short-term rental properties

Palmer City requires short-term rental hosts like yourself to register your short-term rental and obtain a short-term rental license. With the explosive growth of short-term rental properties found on websites such as Airbnb and Vrbo, communities are struggling to find common ground regulation. As with Palmer City, many communities across the U.S. require registration, and others require proof of liability insurance. For now, Palmer’s short-term rental requirements include the [...]

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Providence, RI requires short-term rentals to operate under set regulations

If you’re a host in Providence, you’ll want to review the short-term rental regulations in the area. Among other guidelines, if your property isn’t also your primary residence, you’re required to secure a “temporary use permit,” lasting a single year. You can apply for the permit through the Department of Inspection and Standards. This and the following requirements took effect on November 30, 2019.  Additional key provisions include: Owner-occupied [...]

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Richmond VA adopts new short-term rental ordinance

A new short-term rental ordinance passed for hosts in Richmond following a meeting on Monday the 22nd. Along with other requirements, the new ordinance requires hosts like yourself to obtain an annual permit ($300) to operate your short-term rental (Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.)  The full ordinance is available on the Richmond, VA government website: Ord. 2019-343. The ordinance takes effect on July 1, 2020.  Who can operate a short-term rental: [...]

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Top 3 Questions to Ask Your Broker about Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance

Let’s say you’ve purchased a new home intending to use it primarily on Airbnb and occasionally for personal use. Just starting out, you may think your regular homeowner’s insurance is sufficient since you’ll be living there part-time. This is a common mistake as many hosts, even veteran hosts, don't realize that modifying the use of your property beyond strictly personal use requires some major modifications to your insurance. In [...]

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