Best Smart Home Devices to Improve Your Vacation Rental

As technology continues to soar, vacation rental hosts have started to notice how beneficial smart devices are for their business and their guests. So, keep your property a cut above the rest and one of the favorites; always be open to improvements that can enhance the host and guest experience, such as installing smart devices.

Below are some ways that you can leverage technology to improve your short-term rental business and your guest’s experience.

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Smart Home Locking Devices

As a short-term rental host, the use of a smart home locking device can change the way you operate your business and save you time with every new guest. There was a study done on ‘Exploring Smart Home Device Use by Airbnb Hosts’, and it stated that hosts were less concerned about their guest’s privacy, as well as felt that the smart lock provided a unique advantage to their guests, giving them a competitive advantage over other vacation rentals. Being that smart home locking devices can be operated from your mobile phone, it’ll save you the hassle of arranging a time to exchange keys in person, so your short-term rental guests will be able to enter your property immediately once they arrive.

Smart Home Noise and Occupancy Monitoring Devices

High on the spirit of a well-deserved vacation, it can be easy for your guests to forget about keeping the energy up while keeping their voices down. We understand how common excessive noise or unwanted parties can result in costly insurance claims, complaints from neighbors, or even the loss of your rental license. That’s why Proper has partnered with the leading noise and guest occupancy monitoring manufacturers in the short-term rental market:

  • NoiseAware – Real-time noise monitoring ensures managers and hosts are the first to know when their quiet hours are violated. Innovative smart home sensors that measure the decibels and alert you when levels are too high.
  • Minut – Noise, motion, and temperature monitoring with just one sensor. Peace for your neighbors. Privacy for your guests. Security for you.
  • Party Squasher – The first guest occupancy counter for homes, is a low-cost, easy-to-use solution designed for short-term rental managers who want to be alerted to any large gathering at a property.

With our partnerships, you could receive discounts off your purchase price for any of these products, as well as your base liability premium, once we receive proof of installation. Interested in learning more about discounts? Contact our account executives at Proper Insurance, and they will provide you with direct access to the promotion. Give us a call at 888-631-6680 or email us at

Smart Home Wi-Fi Devices

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that guests now expect a stable Wi-Fi connection that is reliable throughout your property. With the rise of remote workers operating out of vacation rentals, it’s extremely important that your Wi-Fi will be stable and reliable during their stay. Ensuring that your Wi-Fi is reliable, fast, and works all throughout your vacation rental is an effort that is highly appreciated by your guests, and they’ll want to continue working from your rental in the future or recommend it to others.

While having a strong Wi-Fi connection is beneficial to your guests, Wi-Fi can also be a huge benefit to you as the host. For example, our partner, StayFi, collects emails from every guest, not just the booker, through custom-branded captive Wi-Fi splash pages. 100s of vacation rental owners use StayFi to increase brand awareness, drive more direct bookings, and provide a more reliable Wi-Fi experience for vacation rental guests.

Smart Home Automatic Water Shut-Off Devices

Leaks and burst pipes leading to water damage at your property result in costly insurance claims. A specific cause of water damage is the top claim that short-term rental owners are likely to encounter.

The nation’s best manufacturer of “automatic water shut-off devices,” Phyn, can detect a leak or burst pipe, automatically shut off your water supply, and notify you via smartphone. Installing such a device will allow your guests to relax and enjoy their vacation while keeping you aware of potential hazards before the damage is done.

Upgrade Your Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance Today

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Proper’s policy covers vacation homes, townhouses, condos, duplexes, cabins, cottages, apartments, and more. With expert vacation rental underwriters, we can tailor a policy specific to your short-term rental property.

About the Author

Justin Brodin

Justin Brodin is the Marketing Director at Proper Insurance, where he specializes in short-term rental insurance education. With six years of experience in the STR industry, Justin has developed a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges short-term rental owners and operators face. He currently resides in Austin, TX, where he enjoys the warm vibes of the city and spends his free time on the water.


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