Hosts in Louisville, KY may face regulations for their short-term rental business

An article surfaced earlier this month discussing short-term rental regulations for Louisville, KY. As the City Council has seen an increase of these businesses in residential areas, they are considering steps to ensure hosts, such as yourself operate under set guidelines. In the proposed legislation, they will require you to obtain a one-year permit for your short-term rental (30 days or less), along with the following details to include [...]

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An Update for Hosts in Lake Placid, Short-Term Rental Regulations

March closed with good news for short-term rental hosts in Lake Placid, New York. After much consideration and debate, the City passed regulations for short-term rentals allowing them to operate under set guidelines. Hosts like yourself must apply for a permit and register your property with Essex County. When applying you must confirm the following and more details: I certify I have notification from an insurance company acknowledging the [...]

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What’s new in Chelan County, WA? Overview of draft code for short-term rental properties

Chelan County, WA introduced a draft ordinance for short-term rental properties in April, which will be reviewed by the county commissioners through July. As they consider new regulations, the county commissioners may accept comments from local residents during a public hearing, so keep an eye on the county calendar in the coming months! Short-term rentals have come to the County’s attention due to their incredible year-over-year growth. As [...]

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What hosts in Lawton, OK need to know about their short-term rental business

If you’re a short-term rental host in Lawton, you'll want to read on to hear about potential changes coming down the pipe affecting hosts City-wide. You may notice an influx of visitors coming into town to watch the graduation ceremonies at Fort Sill, with families now often choosing to stay in comfy homes over a hotel. This is great for short-term rental business, however, enough concerns were raised for [...]

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Newport Beach, CA reviews short-term rental regulations

The City recently voted on additional restrictions for short-term rentals in Newport Beach, such as limiting the overall short-term rental permits issued in the City to 1,600, where the current number issued is 1,465. Hosts are allowed to operate their business with a granted short-term rental permit and a business license.  To check if their property is permissible as a short-term rental, hosts can enter their address here on [...]

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Mashpee, MA short-term rental regulations

Mashpee adjusted regulations for short-term rentals in early March. Now hosts are now required to obtain a short-term rental certificate, or “Certificate of Registration” for their rental business, and follow other applicable laws according to state and local health and safety. It is likely, prior to registration, short-term rental properties will be inspected by the Board of Health to ensure they are up to code in regards to the [...]

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Denver, CO short-term rental $1,000,000 liability insurance requirement

Last spring, Denver implemented short-term rental regulations requiring hosts to maintain $1,000,000 liability insurance. Without sufficient liability insurance coverage and the subsequent short-term rental permit, hosts are not able to operate their business. Currently hosts are only permitted to rent out their primary residence, defined as: the usual place of return for housing. View the remaining rules governing short-term rental licenses.  The current guidelines for Denver short-term rentals include [...]

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Kansas City, MO short-term rental $300,000 liability insurance requirement

We ended February by discussing the current short-term rental liability insurance requirement in Des Moines, IA, where hosts are required to provide proof of $500,000 liability insurance upon applying for a short-term rental permit. Kansas City may have a less strict regulation with $300,000 rather than $500,000, but they are on the same page with understanding the unique risks of short-term rentals and the need for insurance - especially [...]

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Des Moines, IA short-term rental $500,000 liability insurance requirement

Last week we discussed the short-term rental insurance requirement enforced in D.C. Des Moines is another city requiring hosts to secure liability insurance at a minimum of $500,000. “Such coverage shall defend and indemnify the owner, any named additional insured, and any tenants in the building for their bodily injury and property damage arising from the short-term rental use.” According to the City, hosts may choose to secure this [...]

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D.C. short-term rental regulations include a $500,000 liability insurance requirement

In Spring 2019, D.C. joined the growing number of cities across the U.S. implementing short-term rental regulations, particularly those which include a liability insurance requirement. View the complete ordinance here.  The regulation includes the following:  24-hour emergency contact posted for each guest Current business license with a short-term rental endorsement Current liability insurance of at least $500,000 The City states the liability insurance can be provided by a booking [...]

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