Airbnb Security Cameras & Surveillance is a Bad Look for the Vacation Rental Industry

Both Airbnb & Vrbo promote their "free" liability insurance which extends to all bookings via their platforms. However, both specifically exclude violations of privacy, as seen below. EXCLUSIONS - Personal and Advertising Injury: Injury or alleged injury caused by slander, libel, violations of privacy, advertising, or wrongful eviction. If their free liability insurance does NOT COVER any potential liability exposure for invasion or violation of privacy, such as Airbnb security [...]

Man Drowns at Vacation Rental Due to Owner Negligence. Family Calls for Waterfront Safety Regulations.

This past September, in a very unfortunate event, a 30-year-old Airbnb guest, Vinod Deonarine, drowned after taking out a canoe that was provided by the vacation rental he was staying at.  Incidents like these are such a tragedy and echo the need for the vacation rental industry to focus more on safety requirements.  What Exactly Happened?  Vinod Deonarine was enjoying his stay at a waterfront vacation rental off Fox Lake, IL when he and his friend decided to take the canoe that was provided by [...]

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Wildlife Safety at Your Vacation Rental

Is your short-term rental a hot commodity because nature is right outside the backdoor?  Guests enjoy staying at a remote vacation rental location to escape from their normal bustling city life.  With wildlife in your backyard, many animal liability concerns can arise and it’s important to minimize those risks and make sure that your current insurance policy would cover you if something were to happen to a guest. In this article you can find: Wild Animal Concerns Around Your [...]

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Waterfront Vacation Rental Safety Concerns Every Host Should Know

Are your guests looking to escape the summer heat or get away for an ice fishing adventure?  Promoting a waterfront vacation rental can certainly set you apart within the short-term rental industry!  As a short-term rental host with a waterfront property, you may not initially think of the assortment of risks associated with this particular amenity.  In this article, you will find: Why do lake homes pose such a high risk?  Install a “Swim at Own Risk” Sign  Rescue Equipment [...]

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Pool Safety Standards Every Vacation Rental Host Should Consider [Updated 2021]

In such a competitive industry, you’re always thinking of ways to separate yourself from the crowd. One of the more obvious ways of doing so is highlighting the many amenities your property has to offer. With summer at its hottest, promoting a pool can certainly set you apart but what you may not think of right away is the risk associated with this particular amenity. Amenities such as a pool [...]

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Vacation Rental Safety: Handrails and Guardrails [Updated 2021]

Summertime is just around the corner!  As you prep for inbound guests staying at your rental there are plenty of safety concerns to consider.  It can be easy to overlook common vacation rental safety features when preparing your rental for guests, but it’s important to ensure that your vacation rental is up to proper safety standards, specifically for guardrails and handrails in your home.  We know that the topic of vacation rental safety concerns can be [...]

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