Part of providing an excellent guest experience when renting your home to vacationers are the simple hospitality items that you’d find in a normal hotel room. For instance, fresh linens, small toiletry items, a small supply of paper products, etc. are common items vacation renters expect to find.

Another such item is a coffee maker – 64% of Americans enjoy a cup of coffee daily, and that number is growing. What’s more, of those coffee drinkers, 79% prefer to brew their coffee at home rather than a cruise through the local Starbucks drive-thru.

Reminder: Check with your Insurance Agent before offering food and drink, as there may be exclusions in your insurance policy, even if it designed for Short Term Renting. Your best bet is to provide only prepackaged items, and include language in your rental waiver about the products you offer.

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Coffee makers can be as inexpensive as $20, or as extravagant as several thousand dollars for a restaurant-quality machine. The needs of your short-term rental guests likely will be covered by the lower-end coffee makers, unless you have a high-end rental; in which case you may want the coffee machine to match the upscale experience.

You may want to also consider a Keurig or equivalent machine that uses single-serving pods. The Keurig will run about $60 for the cheapest model and goes up from there. If you purchase a Keurig, then you should keep a small supply of the single-serving pods on hand for your guests, as well. Keep in mind the cost of these and plan accordingly.

If you do go the route of the Keurig, consider the impact of the pods on the environment. Many of the pods are becoming more environmentally friendly, but the K-cups that work in the Keurig machines are not. While it’s convenient to use the single-serving pods, the plastic they leave behind will pile up in landfills for years to come.

Don’t forget your tea drinkers! A teapot or kettle is another inexpensive touch to make your rental guests feel at home. Keep a supply of simple black or green tea bags in your pantry for a coffee alternative.

Sugar or sweetener is a nice extra touch, and a powdered creamer would at least tide guests over until they were able to purchase cream or milk at the grocery store.

It’s these extra comforts of home that will make guests want to return to your rental property for their next vacation.

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