The Cold Spring Village Board adopted a local law that regulates short-term rentals.  The resolution was passed on July 29th, with a 3-2 vote.  Major Dave Merandy, states that “This law is to stop the proliferation of STRs.  It’s not in a business district, it’s in a residential district.  People in a residential area do not want to live in a commercial area.”

New Short-Term Rental Requirements, Permits.

  • Short-term rentals will be allowed only in the R-1, I-1, and B-1 zoning districts
  • All STRs in an R-1 or I-1 zoning district will be required to have one off-street parking space
  • Temporary structures, tents, trailers, and recreational vehicles are prohibited for the purpose of STRs
  • A registered STR cannot abut another registered STR
  • If a building contains multiple residences, only one residence in the building shall be permitted to obtain a short-term rental permit
  • Properties owned by corporations, LLCs, and other such entities cannot be used as an STR unless the property is Owner-Occupied by one of the individual owners of the entity

New Regulations for all Short-Term Rentals

The operation of an STR must comply with the following new regulations:

  • All short-term rentals shall be offered to only one party of short-term renter at a time; not rented as separate bedrooms, beds, or spaces to separate parties
  • The host and/or agent must be available at all times to respond in person, on site, within twenty minutes to any issues that may arise regarding the condition, operation, or conduct of Guest of the STR
  • The Host of the STR shall maintain a record of the number of Guests and the beginning and ending dates of each short-term rental. Such record shall be submitted to the Village Clerk by September 30th of the calendar year.  Failure to submit same may result in a subsequent STR application being considered incomplete and ineligible for the lottery
  • A host shall prominently display, at all times, the contact names and phone numbers of both the host and the agent, along with the list, issued by the Village, of emergency services numbers and information relating to garbage, recycling, winter parking, and noise

Short-Term Rental Regulations & Safety

Short-term rental safety is unfortunately often the most overlooked aspect of maintaining a rental property.  Cities like Cold Springs understand that there need to be safety guidelines in place for vacation rentals.   As mentioned above, Cold Springs requires hosts to provide the contact information for emergency services in the area, as well as being available to respond in person within 20 minutes.

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