Dana Point has seen an influx of owners joining the short-term rental market since its first regulation efforts in 2016. The city attributes this growth to the increased popularity of online platforms such as Airbnb or Vrbo along with the attraction of a coastal vacation.  There are currently 134 registered short-term rental properties in the city despite stringent short-term rental regulations.

Current Short-Term Rental Regulations in Dana Point 

The city continues to come back to short-term rental regulations as a method to “maintain the character of Dana Point neighborhoods by discouraging absentee corporate STR ownership, protecting against nuisances, and balancing the rights and responsibilities of all residents and homeowners.” 

In this effort, Chapter 5.38 Short-Term Rental Business Regulations includes the following requirements:  

  1. Short-term rentals shall comply with all applicable codes regarding fire, building and safety, and all other relevant laws and ordinances. 
  2. Short-term rental units pass an initial inspection by the city prior to permit issuance. 
  3. Short-term rentals must have a minimum of two off-street parking spaces. 
  4. All advertising for the short-term rental shall include the City-issued permit number. 
  5. Short-term rentals will have a minimum stay of two consecutive nights. 
  6. The owner shall ensure that the occupants of the short-term rental do not create unreasonable noise or disturbances, engage in disorderly conduct, or violate any provisions of the law. 

Owners can opt into updates to short-term rental regulations by visiting the Dana Point government website and emailing: . 

It would appear the city is primarily concerned with the safety and livability of the community. Hosts can assist by using preventative measures at their short-term rental property, such as a noise monitoring system that is active during bookings. This is a reliable way to comply with noise and nuisance restrictions and make sure guests aren’t getting rowdy during their stay.  

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