Hot Springs, Arkansas has passed new vacation rental regulations that took effect January 4th, 2022. Since last March, the City has been continuously working on rules and regulations for the growing business of short-term rentals. After several complaints filed from neighbors in highly populated areas, they realized it was time to step in and create regulations. 

There are many new rules, being that this is the first set of regulations that the city has created. Within the new ordinance, short-term rentals will be capped at 500 units, there is an annual licensing fee, annual home inspections, and more. 

Contents of License in New Vacation Rental Laws 

A short-term residential rental business license issue pursuant hereto shall contain the following information: 

  1. The name and contact information of the owner to whom the license is issued, and the name and contact information for the owner representative, if any; 
  2. The transient use site/unit to be licensed; 
  3. The date of expiration of such license; 
  4. The maximum number of occupants who are authorized to stay overnight at that transient use site as determined by the City Building Official and/or Fire Chief, or their designee, and which shall not exceed two per bedroom, each of which shall comply with the 2012 International Residential Code, plus two; 
  5. The aggregate maximum number of people authorized on the premises of a transient use cite at any one time, other than overnight, which is 150% of the maximum overnight occupancy; 
  6. The maximum number of off-street parking spaces required for motor vehicles of overnight guests at a transient use site. The minimum number of off-street parking spaces required for motor vehicles of overnight guests at a transient use site shall comply with the applicable residential requirements set forth in Title 16 of the HSC; and 
  7. Such other administrative information as may be necessary for the enforcement of the provisions herein. 

Continue reading the New Ordinance for Hot Springs, Arkansas in full here. 

Annual Home Inspections Required 

Within the new ordinance, the City of Hot Springs, Arkansas requires that hosts must submit to an inspection by the City, in order to receive a certificate of occupancy. This is to ensure compliance with all applicable fire and building codes. 

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