If you are a host in Hartford, it’s time to review the restrictions on your vacation rental business. The City looked to municipalities across the US to determine appropriate regulations for short-term rentals in their community. Currently, the city requires you to secure a zoning permit which is valid for three years while addressing additional short-term rental concerns with the following restrictions:

Before offering short-term rentals, hosts are required to establish limitations related to (1) rental frequency and rental length, (2) owner-occupancy, (3) a maximum number of guests (no more than four adults), and (4) rentals that become a nuisance to neighbors. The regulation defines short-term rentals as “[t]he temporary rental of part or all of a property to any temporary renters for no more than 21 cumulative days during any 6 month period, with no property being used for such temporary rental more than 3 times during any 6 month period. The property owner must host any short-term rentals operated on a lot with only a single-family home or in single-family home districts.

Cities across the US are seeking common ground regulations, and the same holds true for Hartford. By restricting Airbnb properties to single-family districts, they hope to avoid apartment buildings being turned into de facto hotels and keep their community from being overrun by vacation rental businesses. Currently, there is no requirement for vacation rental insurance in order to obtain the zoning permit.

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Do you have proper insurance for your Airbnb?

A top concern many hosts don’t consider is proper insurance for their short-term rental. Do you have insurance that covers your vacation rental business? Now’s the time to check. Unfortunately, many traditional homeowner’s insurance policies exclude coverage for “business activity” (i.e. short-term rental activity). Without this coverage, you may find yourself paying out of pocket for any damage or injury that occurs at your rental.

Many areas require hosts to secure and provide proof of short-term rental insurance, such as San Mateo County, CA. The good news is there are short-term rental insurance policies available on the open market. Proper Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for vacation rental homes in all 50 states with over 50,000 policies written to date. If you’re concerned that your current policy doesn’t provide the coverage you need, or you would like a comprehensive quote and comparison, call Proper today – 888-631-6680!

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