Is home sharing covered under a homeowner’s or landlord insurance policy?

A big part of our job at Proper Insurance® is education.  We hear just about everything from our prospects before they become customers.  It’s our job to research and present the information. EDUCATE.  Then let our prospects make an educated decision if they want to purchase our policy and become customers.

Home sharing and homeowner’s insurance comes up all the time.  The #1 statement we hear is, “my agent told me I was covered”.  It’s mind blowing!  Mind you, this is coming from insurance agents who represent all the top carriers, you know who they are.

Side note: your agent does not pay your claim.

We wanted to have some fun with this post and do the “Google Test”.  So we searched “Home Sharing Insurance” and guess what was #1.  Is Home Sharing Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance.

The great thing about this particular “Google Test” is that it made for an easy post!

Talking point:  This is the first major insurance carrier we have seen publish a major article on the issue.  I give credit to at least one coming out of the closet.

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