The Burlington, Vermont City Council passed the new ordinance on February 22nd, 2022. The hope behind the new ordinance is to curtail the practice of buying properties that will be strictly used as investment properties and short-term rentals. 

The Vermont Short-Term Rental Association states that this ordinance prohibits any STR that is not a sublet of the owner’s or tenant’s primary residence unless another unit under the host’s ownership is rented on a Section 8 voucher. Limits the number of rooms per home that can be rented STR to a maximum of 3. 

New Short-Term Rental Requirements in Burlington Vermont 

  1. A short-term rental shall be the primary residence of the host EXCEPT as noted below: 
    1. Dwelling units indicated as seasonal homes by the Burlington Assessor and owned by the host 
    2. One whole unit short-term rental is permitted only if the STR is located within a two-family dwelling or multifamily dwelling owned by the host that contains at least one dwelling unit, in excess of any required Inclusionary Units, that is rented to occupants receiving Section 8 vouchers. 
  2. For partial unit short-term rentals, no more than 3 rooms may be let individually as an STR 
  3. A short-term rental registration shall include the tax account number

New Minimum General Standards 

  1. Appliances are operational and in good repair, and hot and cold potable water have been supplied. 
  2. Guest rooms have been serviced and cleaned before each new guest 
  3. Refuse containers are available and emptied at least once a week or more frequently, if necessary 
  4. Swimming pools, recreational water facilities and hot tubs are kept sanitary and in good repair 
  5. Sewage system and toilets function are in good repair 
  6. Toxic cleaning supplies are properly labeled, safely stored and used according to the manufacturers directions 
  7. Guest rooms are free of any evidence of insects, rodents and other pests 
  8. Provision of fire extinguishers as required by NFPA and Burlington Fire Department 
  9. Instructions for occupants regarding: 
    1. Location and use of fire extinguishers 
    2. Emergency egress routes 
    3. 24 hour / 7 days per week emergency contact information 
    4. Emergency shut-off heating systems and fuel burning appliances 
  10. Current rental registration certificate posted inside and clearly visible to occupants 

Annual Inspection Required 

Stated within the new ordinance is that enforcement officers will be making periodic inspections of rental units within the city. 

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Interested in learning how you can help or want to learn more about this new ordinance? Continue to the VTSTRA webpage.

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