Reviewed and updated 6/29/2020

City officials in Palm Desert City voted to leave current short-term rental restrictions in place, meaning that property owners won’t be allowed to rent out their homes in residential neighborhoods. Homeowners who were relying on services like Airbnb to generate income are disappointed in the news as it means they’ll need to shut down their operations.

Lawmakers are permitting current rentals to remain in business until December 31st, 2019.

Update: As of December 31, 2019, short-term rentals are prohibited in certain zones within the City. Click here to view the map for short-term rental permitted areas as provided on the Palm Desert City website.

Additional requirements include:

  • Meet and greet the renter on-site and obtain his or her name, address, and a copy of a valid government-issued identification.
  • Provide the renter with a copy of the Good Neighbor Brochure.
  • Provide the renter with information about the short-term rental regulations.
  • Require the renter to execute a formal acknowledgement in the form acceptable by the City that he or she is legally responsible for compliance of all occupants of the short-term rental unit and their guests.
  • Provide the Responsible Person with the Operator’s 24-hour availability information.

Proper Insurance for short-term rental hosts

As discussed in Palm Desert’s, guests are responsible for their actions while renting a short-term rental. However, from an insurance perspective, we know that a host can easily be sued by a guest for any number of reasons. Guest injury and invasion of privacy are among many examples we can point to. For this reason, hosts should make sure they have proper insurance coverage in the event of an accident. Consent from a guest to rent your home and pay you for their stay doesn’t mean they can’t hold you responsible for any accident that may occur at your property.

For example, if you rent your home through Airbnb or Vrbo, you have a “house rules” section that you can include details and waivers for your guests to review before booking their stay. If you have a pool on-site you may include a waiver on your listing stating you are held harmless from any injury from use of the pool. However, if your guest is injured they can and may sue.

It’s vital to make sure you have the best short-term rental property and liability coverage for your home. Proper Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for host like yourself with coverage for your building (house, cottage, apartment), contents, and income. It includes $1,000,000 commercial general liability with additional $1,000,000 personal liability if your short-term rental is also your primary residence.

Call Proper Insurance today to discuss your short-term rental situation and receive a comprehensive quote – (888) 631-6680!

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