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New Wisconsin Airbnb Laws Require Insurance, Permits, and More

New Airbnb Laws and Regulations in Wisconsin continue with the trend of cities enacting laws to better regulate the growing short-term rental industry. From requiring insurance to multiple permit requirements, here’s what owners in the Badger State need to know. 

If you have questions about short-term rentals in Wisconsin, contact Proper Insurance. Our agents are experts in the vacation rental industry.

If you have questions about short-term rentals in Wisconsin, contact Proper Insurance. Our agents are experts in the vacation rental industry. Call 888-631-6680 today. 

Airbnb Laws and Regulations in Wisconsin
Birds eye view of grassy hills

Green Bay, Wisconsin

What Hosts Need to Know in the Cheesehead City 

With Green Bay being the popular NFL city it is, it’s no wonder that the number of short-term rentals has increased in recent years, with its additional Airbnb Laws governing the growing industry.  

As part of a growing movement amongst city governments, all short-term rental owners will need to register with the city before operating their rental. However, Green Bay differs in that hosts must apply for and receive state permits before applying for a city permit. After an owner is approved for a State of Wisconsin tourist rooming house permit and a sale and use tax permit, they may apply to the city. Here’s what’s needed in order to be approved: 

  • State of Wisconsin tourist rooming house permit 
  • State of Wisconsin Sale and use tax permit 
  • Proof of registration with the City of Green Bay Treasurer regarding Brown County room tax requirements. 
  • Proof of registration with the Brown County Health Department.
  • Proof of insurance  

The proof of insurance mentioned in the application is vague in terms of what coverage is adequate to apply. Based on other Wisconsin cities and other state laws, it most likely refers to liability insurance. However, only liability insurance will not cover everything in a short-term rental, including but not limited to loss of income, property damage, and squatter protection. 

Proper Insurance offers policies tailored to the specific needs of short-term rentals, including the liability that most municipalities are requiring. In addition to that, we offer protection for the worst-case situations that crop up when running a short-term rental, such as bedbugs, property damage, and squatters.  

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

New Airbnb Laws Hosts Need to Know

With easy access to outdoor activities, including lakes and hiking trails, Lake Geneva has grown into a popular vacation spot. With this growth, the City recognized the need for short-term rental guidelines and accepted new Airbnb laws.   

The City settled on a number of requirements for hosts when applying to operate a short-term rental. All following documents and payments must be received before an application is accepted:  

  • State of Wisconsin Tourist Rental House License  
  • City Room Tax Application Form with payment of $10.00  
  • City Business license application with payment of $25.00  
  • An administrative fee, which is currently $750 annually  
  • Proof of valid property and liability insurance for the dwelling unit. The insurance must show appropriate proof of the home’s use as a short-term rental.  

The City also requires specifics for the property, including a floor plan of the dwelling and a site plan including parking spaces and trash storage areas for guest use. 

Quote Your Short-Term Rental Today 

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Please note: The information provided is intended as a guide and may not be comprehensive or current. Regulations may change and could vary by area or situation. Always consult local authorities or a legal professional to ensure you have the most accurate information for your short-term rental property.