Short-term rental laws in Sonoma County, CA are continuing to develop. Vacation rentals currently in the Coastal Zone (e.g. Sea Ranch or Bedega Bay) are exempt from all regulations besides Transient Occupancy Tax. This is not the case for the remainder of the county where in-depth short-term rental laws include the following:

Short-Term Rental Laws & Operation Standards

Noise LimitsSonoma County requires short-term rentals to enforce quiet hours from 10 pm-7 am. This can be a difficult requirement to enforce, as many hosts don’t live on-site or in the same city as their short-term rental property. An option that short-term rental hosts across the nation have started using are noise monitoring devices.

Devices such as Minut or NoiseAware can assist hosts by monitoring the noise decimal amount in the home at all hours, ensuring guests stay quiet when required and don’t get out of hand. It can also help hosts feel secure when their rental is empty between bookings. Choosing this route ensures safety for neighbors, privacy for guests, and security for hosts.

Pets: Sonoma County requires short-term rental guests to keep pets secure at the property throughout the rental period and avoid unnecessary nuisance such as barking from unattended pets.

A greater concern for many hosts is pet liability. If a guest brings a dog to the short-term rental and the dog gets loose and bites the neighbor, will your policy provide coverage in the case of a lawsuit? Here’s what every host needs to know about short-term rental liability.

Property Manager (24-hour contact): All short-term rentals within unincorporated Sonoma County must employ a certified property manager as a 24/7 contact for issues or concerns that may arise from the vacation rental business.

Many hosts find it can be difficult to find the “just-right” fit for a property manager, however, here a few tips for how to pick a short-term rental property manager.

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