Reviewed and updated on 7/21/2020

Village of the Branch, a small town in New York, may allow residents to list their property on sites like Airbnb soon. While the small town is only 1 square mile in size, officials recognize that short-term rentals may help bring more business to the area. If the city council decide to move forward, new rental laws could be adopted as early as this Summer.

Update: An unanimous vote in 2018 determined the latest update for short-term rental restrictions for hosts like yourself in the Village of Branch. The vacation rental regulations include the following: “The rules apply to leases of 30 days or less and include conditions intended to maintain quality of life for neighbors. Homeowners must apply for a permit to rent ($50 annually), and only owner-occupied homes with on-site parking are eligible for rental. Parties are forbidden after 10 p.m. and homeowners can rent no more than two bedrooms.” 

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Is your short-term rental also your primary residence?

If your short-term rental is also your primary residence, you need to make sure you have correct insurance coverage. A traditional homeowners policy provides you with personal liability, however, it doesn’t provide sufficient coverage for your business activity (i.e. your short-term rental). You also need commercial general liability.

The good news is, with Proper’s policy you can have both! Proper offers personal liability and commercial general liability when your short-term vacation rental is also your primary residence. With $1M/$2M commercial general liability and the additional $1M personal liability, you’ll have the perfect coverage for your personal use and the unique risks of operating a short-term vacation rental. Proper’s policy meets and exceeds local city requirements and provides the best coverage possible for your Airbnb or Vrbo.

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