Summerville, SC introduced first-time regulations for short-term rentals such as Airbnb or Vrbo. Previously, hosts went through an application for bed-and-breakfasts. City officials now agree new regulations are necessary to define short-term rentals as businesses and preserve their neighborhoods amidst the booming industry. 

Hosts are required to secure a business license and undergo a property inspection before renting to guests. This is applicable to hosts who operate in downtown mixed-use, urban corridor mixed-use, neighborhood business, and general business zones. 

The Post and Courier explains additional requirements for hosts in Summerville:

“In addition to a business license, insurance, inspection, and maintaining a peaceful environment for neighbors, those residential zone owners must reside on the property for at least 183 days a year.”

View the Summerville government website for more details on regulating short-term rentals

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How Should You Respond to Airbnb/Vrbo Regulations?

Cities across the US are integrating regulations as they realize the significance of short-term rentals (Airbnb or Vrbo) in their communities. Many neighbors complain of loud parties or cars coming and going at all hours. From an insurance perspective, there are indeed critical items to consider when operating a short-term rental business. Particularly whether you as the hosts have insurance to protect you and your business from accidents common to the hospitality industry. 

The short-term rental ordinance in Summerville does not define the type of liability insurance required, however, here is a guide to the top questions to ask an insurance provider in the short-term rental space

Proper Insurance requires an advanced level of care for your property to ensure a pleasant and safe stay for your guests. It’s your choice. Consider protecting your short-term rental business with all-inclusive insurance designed to replace your homeowner’s policy and custom-penned for the unique risks of short-term rental and Airbnb or Vrbo rental properties. 

Proper Insurance highlights include the following: 

Commercial Package Policy: 

Commercial General Liability: 

  • $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability with increased liability limits available. 
  • Liability coverage enhancements for animals/pets, liquor, pools, hot tubs, exercise equipment, bicycles, small watercraft, golf carts, rec areas, and more
  • Liability coverage enhancement for invasion of privacy, assault & battery, and sexual molestation

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