Short-term rental regulations are spreading like wildfire all across the U.S. While each state is different, it is vital that Airbnb and vacation rental owners do their research on local laws and regulations prior to entering the short-term rental market. Wisconsin, the Badger State, continues to be proactive and has recently passed new common sense regulations.

Property Risks, Liability, & Obtaining Insurance Coverage

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) has implemented new requirements for transient lodging, requiring hosts to obtain and keep a current short-term rental license through the city. The licensing process includes a property inspection that confirms the structure meets public health concern requirements and proof of valid property and liability insurance at the property. The proof of insurance must confirm the insurer is aware the property is being used as a short-term rental. Click Here to see a comprehensive short-term rental regulation brochure, provided by the Wisconsin Hotel & Lodging Association.

Is This Over-Reach?

As the largest insurer of short-term rental properties in the U.S., Proper’s stance is “no”, it’s not over-reach to regulate short-term rentals and require property inspections and proof of insurance. Hotels and the hospitality industry in general have long been regulated for public safety. When a traveler stays in a short-term rental it’s an unfamiliar space and they need to know the property is safe for them and their families. These new regulations are treating short-term rentals like public businesses which ultimately protects the public or traveler.

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Disclaimer: for any existing STR properties, your license renewal will require valid proof of property and liability insurance, with appropriate proof showing home is being used as a Short Term Rental.