Airbnb® Host Protection is Not Enough to Keep Your Property Safe

Airbnb offers host protection for those that rent out their properties to others looking for short-term rentals. This policy helps add up to $1,000,000 in coverage for certain problems that you and your guest may have during their stay. However, it is only there to help with certain problems, not even most of them. Did you know that your Airbnb host protection package has numerous exceptions it will not cover, should something go wrong? With these, you won’t have any liability coverage at all. If your guests were to injure themselves on your property, whether purposely or accidentally, you’ll be held responsible to defend yourself and/or pay for their injuries.

Keeping Your Property Safe is Your Responsibility

If you truly want to be able to keep your rental property safely covered if something goes wrong, then you need to get covered under a specific Airbnb insurance policy that goes above and beyond the Host Protection that you can get from Airbnb. Proper Insurance® helps cover your home from damage and protect you from liability should things go wrong. Protect your income and your property with a plan from Proper today.

Airbnb’s Liability Coverage Leaves You Exposed

If you’re renting out your home on Airbnb, you’ve likely seen their free liability coverage known as Host Protection. Unfortunately, this coverage is not comprehensive and won’t protect you from serious liability issues like assault. Whether you rent out your property once a year for some side income or you’re a serious property rental manager, adequate coverage is critical. Protect your home and finances by signing up for Proper Insurance today.