How to Properly Insure your Short-Term Rental – an interview on short-term rental insurance with Darren Pettyjohn

We are happy to present an overview of a recent interview between Darren Pettyjohn, Co-Owner of Proper Insurance, and the hosts at Thanks for Visiting. It is a great discussion regarding short-term rental insurance and the details hosts need to consider when starting their business.  Every host is excited to start up their business and welcome their first guests. Having dedicated time and money to making their property ‘just [...]

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Mashpee, MA short-term rental regulations

Mashpee adjusted regulations for short-term rentals in early March. Now hosts are now required to obtain a short-term rental certificate, or “Certificate of Registration” for their rental business, and follow other applicable laws according to state and local health and safety. It is likely, prior to registration, short-term rental properties will be inspected by the Board of Health to ensure they are up to code in regards to the [...]

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COVID-19 Relief Options for Short-term Rental Hosts and Property Managers

These are the most difficult times many of us have experienced in the vacation rental world. While none of us could have imagined a time such as now, we must remain optimistic and work together to bridge this gap so we may continue the unprecedented growth of the short-term rental industry.  So, what are the Covid relief options for short term rental owners and managers? As members of the [...]

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Prince George County, MD short-term rental $1,000,000 liability insurance requirement

Prince George County currently requires short-term rental hosts to obtain a license to operate their business, and included in the number of documents needed to process the license application, hosts must provide proof of a current and valid short-term rental liability policy of at least $1,000,000. Details needed to obtain the MD short-term rental license ($150 annually) include:  Photos of installed smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and photos [...]

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Oklahoma City, OK enforces short-term rental regulations for Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.

Hosts in Oklahoma City are required to secure an annual $24 short-term rental license to operate out of their primary residence, as well as remit applicable hotel and sales taxes to the City and the Oklahoma Tax Commission.  The following are required documents to secure a short-term rental license: Home sharing application Home sharing affidavit Zoning verification (completed by city staff) Proof of property ownership (county assessor, mortgage) or [...]

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Clear Creek County, CO enforces short-term rental regulations

Hosts in Clear Creek County, CO are presented with requirements for operating their short-term rental business, such as obtaining an operating permit and maintaining a Colorado State Sales Tax License and remitting applicable taxes. Additional requirements to obtain a short-term rental permit ($250.00 annually):  Obtain a Life Safety Inspection from the Department of Building Safety Provide evidence of availability of connection to a sanitary sewer system or an adequate [...]

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5 Need-To-Know Tips for Buying a Vacation Home

After years of hard work, it’s no wonder you’d like to take a well-deserved break. Those who are fortunate enough to reap the benefits of years in the workforce often do so by acquiring a vacation home. The idea of a vacation home in your favorite place on a sunny beach sounds dreamy, but it’s important to be both realistic and prepared when it comes to this investment. You [...]

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What Is The Vacancy Clause?

Nearly all vacation rental home insurance policies have what's called a 'vacancy clause' and it's important every owner understands it's limitation. Unfortunately, with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, most vacation rental owners have experienced a wave of cancellations, which means vacant properties, or at minimum unoccupied properties. What does this mean from an insurance perspective? No Coverage for Vandalism, Water Damage, and Theft If a property is deemed vacant at [...]

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Denver, CO short-term rental $1,000,000 liability insurance requirement

Last spring, Denver implemented short-term rental regulations requiring hosts to maintain $1,000,000 liability insurance. Without sufficient liability insurance coverage and the subsequent short-term rental permit, hosts are not able to operate their business. Currently hosts are only permitted to rent out their primary residence, defined as: the usual place of return for housing. View the remaining rules governing short-term rental licenses.  The current guidelines for Denver short-term rentals include [...]

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Everything You Need to Do Before Becoming an Airbnb Host

With more and more people booking their spring and summer getaways, they’re turning to Airbnb for rentals over traditional hotels. If you live or have a home in a touristy city or a small vacation destination, you may have already considered becoming a host or even already signed up. Either way, before welcoming guests with open arms, you need to critically consider the unique opportunities and risks of operating [...]

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