Hosts in Clear Creek County, CO are presented with requirements for operating their short-term rental business, such as obtaining an operating permit and maintaining a Colorado State Sales Tax License and remitting applicable taxes.

Additional requirements to obtain a short-term rental permit ($250.00 annually): 

  • Obtain a Life Safety Inspection from the Department of Building Safety
  • Provide evidence of availability of connection to a sanitary sewer system or an adequate County approved onsite wastewater treatment system for the number of occupants.
  • A scaled map clearly indicating the following: Lot size, subject parcel boundaries, location of residence, location of appropriate parking spaces, location of any outdoor garbage storage areas, location of snow storage areas, and location of any outdoor cooking/fire facilities.

The County hopes these regulations will encourage hosts to meet and exceed their local health and safety guidelines, ensuring a safe home to welcome guests. 

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Verify your insurance coverage

While the county does not currently have an insurance requirement, history has shown us that counties generally adopt one within a year of implementing first round requirements. The reason for this is simple, adequate insurance protects both the host and municipality while ensuring a safe experience for guests. It is important for hosts to understand the limitations of their current policy and the benefit of a comprehensive short-term rental option such as Proper Insurance.

Proper Insurance, having recognized a gap in coverage with traditional homeowner’s policies, offers a comprehensive commercial package policy with coverage for building, contents, income, and liability. With all risk and replacement cost coverage for building and contents and liability coverage enhancements for amenities such as pools, hot tubs, exercise equipment, and more, hosts can rest assured knowing they are covered for unexpected damage or injury that may occur at their property.

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