Having Host Protection Insurance is a Good Start, But Not All You Need for Airbnb Rentals

Giving the fact there is no easily discoverable information that a liability insurance claim has been paid by Airbnb for the Host Protection, any host should be concerned. Most business owners know nothing is free. If Airbnb lists multiple exclusions in their insurance summary, then what other exclusions may actually be the policy?

Airbnb Rentals Need a Specialty Insurance Policy Designed for Hosts

All Airbnb hosts need an insurance policy that not only covers their liability, but also covers their building, contents/personal property, and loss of income. The insurance also needs to cover them when it’s rented, and when it’s not rented.  For this, you need a comprehensive insurance policy that can replace the current coverage on the hosts home. There needs to be coverage for fire, theft, vandalism, water damage, income, liability, and so much more.  Host Protection Insurance is a great marketing tool for Airbnb, but clearly is far from comprehensive.