Before flyers, commercials, and pamphlets, people relied on word of mouth to know whether a brand was good or not. With today’s technology, word of mouth has advanced to reviews and testimonies. These reviews are crucial for any industry, but doubly so for those in the rental business such as Airbnb. The Medium reportes that it takes around seven reviews before a customer trusts a business, and over 90% of customers use online reviews as part of their research. No matter how beautiful the photos on your listing may be, a bad review out of a hundred can be enough to turn customers away from your property. 

Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve reviews, and one is by making your property a smart home. Technology is used across industries because of its capability to dramatically enhance the customer experience. Maryville University emphasizes that successful marketers must now be able to blend strategy with advanced technology, with skills in analytics, SEO, content management, multimedia, and basic user experience (UX) design. After all, every business is now a technology business as reported by USA Today and even those with Airbnb rentals can benefit from modern technology. Here are some ways you can leverage technology to make your property worthy of a 5-star review: 

Smart Locks and Security

Being tourists in a new city, it’s natural for your renters to feel insecure. By installing smart locks and security, you can help them feel at ease while they enjoy your home. It also helps you: as CNET reports that smart locks can automatically lock your doors after a period of time if your guests forget to lock the doors when they go out. They also help make the check-in process easier, as smart locks operated from your mobile phone can save you the hassle of arranging a time to exchange physical keys. Instead your guest will be ready to check in immediately upon arrival. 

Noise Monitoring Device

High on the spirit of a well-deserved vacation, it can be easy for your guests to forget about keeping the energy up while keeping their voices down. To help remind them to keep the noise at an acceptable volume without being a party-pooper, install a noise monitoring device. As mentioned in our post ‘How to Protect Your Short Term Rental Business: Navigating the Risk of Party Houses,’ the right noise monitoring system, like NoiseAware, can help you resolve noise disturbances before your neighbors or the police may acknowledge an issue. 

Wi-Fi and Smart Devices

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that guests now expect a stable Wi-Fi connection that is reliable throughout your property. Make sure to have a router that can provide this quality and consistency of service and have clear access info that your guests can easily spot. To maximize your guests’ enjoyment, it also pays to have devices like a smart TV and smart speakers. Be sure to provide an HDMI or USB cable to connect to different streaming services your guests will appreciate and enjoy. 

Entertainment aside, you can also get smart devices like Phyn, which lets you automatically shut off water through your smartphone should the device detect an overflow of water. Installing such a device will allow your guests to relax and enjoy their vacation while keeping you aware of potential hazards before the damage is done. 

With the emergence of short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb, more and more homeowners are getting into the industry. So, to keep your property a cut above the rest and one of the favorites, always be open for improvements that can enhance customer experience such as installing smart devices. 

Article written by Angela Phelps

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