Airbnb Laws and Regulations Within the State of Maine

Did you know that within the last year, Maine has seen an increase of approximately 3,500 vacation rentals? With so many new rentals entering the market Maine understands the importance of maintaining and regulating short-term rentals, especially in cities like Kennebunkport and Freeport. STR laws and regulations are constantly changing and we strive to keep our community up to date on these matters. We have outlined updated regulations that we are aware of in the state of Maine below:

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Laws and Regulations in Maine
City skyline in Maine

Freeport, Maine

Airbnb Laws and Regulations

New short-term rental regulations were adopted in April 2021 by the Freeport Town Council. Freeport is one of many cities in Maine to consider new Airbnb laws including insurance requirements and detailed operational standards for hosts. Freeport recognizes the importance of short-term rental insurance for hosts in their community. Unfortunately, like many cities across the U.S., they misunderstand the coverage Airbnb may provide to hosts. Airbnb offers a ‘guarantee’ to its hosts, but it is not an insurance policy for the home and short-term rental business. To clean more and view all of the laws for Freeport, visit the Freeport Adopted Ordinance.

The following regulations are in place:

  • Point of Contact: Hosts must supply an emergency contact who canbe available 24 hours a day to respond to complaints regarding the condition, safety, or operation of the dwelling unit as a rental or the conduct of guests.
  • Insurance: Hosts must provide a certificate of insurance that expressly acknowledges that the property may be used for short-term rental business activity and evidencing (a) property insurance and (be) general liability insurance appropriate to cover the rental use in the aggregate of not less than $1 million. (Hosts may also provide proof that the owner conducts rental transactions through a hosting platform that provides equal or greater coverage. The owner must maintain such insurance coverage for the duration of the annual registration period.)
  • Other: Hosts and renters must adhere to the standards of the Freeport Loitering, Curfew, and Noise Ordinance. Violations of the referenced Ordinance shall be punishable by a civil penalty.

Kennebunkport, Maine

Airbnb Laws and Regulations

In June of 2021, Kennebunkport passed a new ordinance requiring every vacation rental to be licensed as of December 2021. The licenses are set to expire every calendar year on Dec. 31st and short-term rental license holders must renew annually. The goal of Kennebunkport Maine Airbnb Laws is to ensure that neighborhoods are not overly impacted by vacation rental operations. To learn more about Kennebunkport’s regulations visit their website.

The current regulations are in place:

  • Provide: The street address and map/block/lot number of the short-term rental property.
  • Point of Contact: Contact person/owner responsibility. The name of the owner of the short-term rental property and contact information, including address and telephone number. If someone other than the owner is acting as the local contact person, contact information for that person shall also be provided. Regardless of who enters the short-term rental agreement, or who may be designated as the owner’s contact person, the property owner shall be responsible for compliance with article provisions.
  • Prermit Renual: For renewal applications, licensees/owners shall be required to certify annually that they have not engaged in any transfers of the licensed premises, or been transferees in any transfers, that are not permitted transfers under § 116-4B of this article.

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Please note: The information provided is intended as a guide and may not be comprehensive or current. Regulations may change and could vary by area or situation. Always consult local authorities or a legal professional to ensure you have the most accurate information for your short-term rental property.