The City of Roseville is one of many cities to implement short-term rental regulations, due to longstanding complaints from local residents regarding “party houses”.  Addressing the complaints regarding parties being held during one-night or weekend stays, the City Council agreed to impose a series of new restrictions on non-owner-occupied short-term rentals. 

Active Short-Term Rental Laws in Roseville, MN 

The new laws were passed with a 5-0 vote in February. Under the new rules: 

  1. Owners who rent out their properties for short-term stays must now be licensed 
  2. Owners must pay the city’s lodging tax 
  3. May – September the minimum stay in homes where the owner is not present will be 10 days 
  4. October – April the minimum stay in homes where the owner is not present will be 7 days 

Included in the new laws are punishments for violations regarding noise, parking, and anti-social behavior. Two violations within 180 days can lead to homeowners potentially having their short-term rental licenses suspended. 

The full City Code can be found on the Roseville City website, Chapter 909, Licensing of Short-Term Rentals, where short-term rentals are described as “a business enterprise that entails responsibilities required of the owner, local agent, and guests.”  

Roseville is not the first to recognize short-term rentals as business ventures. Insurance agencies also consider short-term rentals to fall under business activity, which traditional homeowners or landlord insurance policies would deny coverage for.  

Now is the time to review your local ordinances governing short-term rentals to ensure your business is in compliance.  

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