Is your vacation rental licensed?!  If not, you’ve got till December 31st, 2021 to apply, otherwise, you will be in violation of the new ordinance that was approved last June.  The goal of license requirements for short-term rentals is to ensure that neighborhoods are not overly impacted by vacation rental operations.  By requiring licenses for all vacation rentals, the town will be able to better track and monitor the proliferation of short-term rentals.

Short-Term Rental License Submission Requirements

In the town of Kennebunkport, the short-term rental license application shall include the following information:

  1. Location.  The street address and map/block/lot number of the short-term rental property.
  2. Contact person/owner responsibility. The name of the owner of the short-term rental property and contact information, including address and telephone number. If the owner is anything other than a natural person, then the following information must also be included: the name of each individual person who has an ownership interest in any entity that is the record owner, including, without limitation, all beneficiaries of any trust, and all members and shareholders of a limited-liability company, corporation or other entity. In addition, if someone other than the owner is acting as the local contact person, contact information for that person shall also be provided. Regardless of who enters the short-term rental agreement, or who may be designated as the owner’s contact person, the property owner shall be responsible for compliance with article provisions
  3. For renewal applications, licensees/owners shall be required to certify annually that they have not engaged in any transfers of the licensed premises, or been transferees in any transfers, that are not permitted transfers under § 116-4B of this article.
  4. All information needed to demonstrate compliance with the standards listed here (pg. 5).

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Short-Term Rental Regulations & Licensing

Short-term rental regulations and licensing requirements have become more and more popular as the vacation rental industry continues to grow.  Licensing requirements can help maintain and regulate the number of short-term rentals in an area, as well as give comfort to those people who believe vacation rentals are disturbing the quality of life within their town or neighborhood.

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