Every vacation rental owner understands how important it is to make their property stand out. Not only do you have to offer great amenities in order to maximize revenue, but you also need to make sure they are up to par each time you are having guests. This checklist will help you ensure the safety and security of your vacation rental:

  1. Ac, heating, and kitchen appliances
  2. Bedrooms
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Smoke alarms and CO2 detectors
  5. Security and technology

1. AC, Heating, and Kitchen Appliances

A faulty HVAC system can really inconvenience renters and lead to bad reviews. The best way to avoid issues with heaters and air conditioners is to perform routine maintenance checks. Instead of offering refunds to visitors because they had to endure uncomfortable temperatures, it may be cheaper to pay a professional to service your HVAC system on time. 

Before guests arrive, you need to clean all the appliances and check whether the air filters need to be replaced. Replace the water filter in the fridge every six months and clean the coils once a year.

You should clean the exhaust duct on the dryer at least once a year and you should regularly inspect the hose on the washing machine. If there are fuel-burning appliances in your rental, you should have them professionally serviced every year

2. Bedroom Checklist

Quality bedding is a must in every vacation rental. You need to make sure your guests have an inviting, clean, and comfortable place to sleep. Before your guests arrive, make sure to clean the mattress covers, sheets, pillows, and pillowcases. Deep clean comforters and blankets regularly. 

Replace discolored and worn-out linens. Make sure there are extra linens in case your guests need them. You should always have a ready supply of washcloths. You can provide makeup remover wipes for guests so that your washcloths will last longer. 

Check whether all the alarm clocks and reading lamps are working. Also, make sure there are enough clothes hangers in the closet.

3. Bathroom Checklist

If you want to make a great first impression, make sure to provide bathroom amenities. For instance, you can stock the bathroom with high-quality shampoo and conditioners

Get soap and body lotion for the shower or bathtub as well as hand soap for the sink. Make sure there is at least one set of towels for each guest. Make sure to provide guests with a hairdryer and check whether it is working properly before they arrive.

It is very important to regularly inspect the bathroom for mold and mildew. Inspect the bathroom fans and check the manufacturer’s guide to see how often you need to service it. 

Empty out trash cans in bathrooms (as well as bedrooms and the kitchen) before your guests arrive. Stock up on cleaning supplies ahead of the holiday season.

4. Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

According to the EPA, there should be at least one carbon monoxide detector on each floor of a building. There should be a smoke detector on every level of the property, in all stairwells and hallways, and inside each bedroom. 

You should check smoke detectors to see that they’re working properly after each guest’s departure. This is a little known tip but a requirement of insurance for vacation rentals as guests often disable smoke detectors so they can smoke. If not checked, the next guest is left exposed. Be sure to replace the batteries in smoke detectors at least twice a year. While you are at it, replace the batteries in remote controllers and other electronics. To see whether the smoke detectors are working properly, test them every month.

According to the NFPA, you should replace smoke alarms every ten years. As for carbon monoxide detectors, replace them every seven to ten years. Make sure there are fire extinguishers near all stoves and fireplaces in your rental and inspect them regularly. The average shelf life of a fire extinguisher is five years, so be sure to replace them on time.

5. Security and Technology

The safety and security of your guests are of top concern. However, ensuring their safety and security is not so easy if you are not around – unless you get the right upgrades. 

Smart home devices make this task much simpler. Smart key locks, thermostats that can be programmed remotely, and motion detectors are great solutions for vacation rentals. 

However, even though guests will certainly appreciate you thinking of their safety, they may not be so comfortable with cameras and noise detectors. To protect the privacy of your guests, you can get NoiseAware for your rental

Minut is a home sensor that offers camera-free, privacy-safe noise monitoring. It doesn’t collect or store personal data, but it still boosts security. It’s a great way to ensure peace of mind both for you and your guests.

Managing a vacation rental can be a lot of work. With all the responsibilities you have as an owner, something could easily slip your mind. To prevent that, you can try Breezeway’s property care and services platform

This tool will allow you to coordinate all tasks that have to do with the safety, quality, and cleanliness of your property. By improving your scheduling efficiency, it will help you avoid missed checks and repairs. 

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